About Us

Our Mission

The Mobile Women-N-Business Center is designed to encourage, empower, and educate women to become entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide advance technology tools necessary to start, expand, and position a business foundation. The Mobile Women-N-Business Center provides business training classes, seminars, and events to underrepresented communities and entrepreneurs who just have a passion to start a business today and leave a legacy tomorrow. By partnering their efforts with ours, creates brand awareness and achieves common goals.

Our Vision


Women are encouraged to L.I.V.E. a balanced lifestyle this is done with the 4 B's to the steps to succeed:Love Your Brain, Love Your Body, Love Your Beauty, Love Your Business. This focus empowers women to self-ignite their Gifts, Talents, and Dreams from within to gain financial independence, create jobs, and build a solid business foundation. 

Our Goal


Our Goal is to help create and expand 5000 underrepresented women entrepreneurs, and continue expansion to a nationwide network. Mobile services and advanced technology strategies are incorporated to assist entrepreneurs in doing business anywhere.  

Mobile Women-N-Business Initiative

Start a Business Today, Leave a Legacy Tomorrow


Mobile Business Box

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Entrepreneurs can start or expand their business with the Mobile Business Box which is a step by step guide to assist with the start, expansion, and growth of businesses. Advance technology tools are also incorporated to assist women in the process of starting a business today and leaving a legacy tomorrow. This contributes to financial independence, business skills, and an opportunity to create jobs.

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