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Mobile Business Box Workshop

Our Mobile Business Box Workshop's are designed for new and existing entrepreneurs. This allows entrepreneurs the ability to start and/or expand their business. The workshops are designed to assist in building a solid business foundation as entrepreneurs start a business today and leave a legacy tomorrow.  

Register today at www.mobilebusinessbox.com

Homebuyers Program


Community Homebuyers Program

  Buying a home is a big step with a rewarding outcome - a home to call your own. It is important, first of all, to decide why you want to purchase a home. For instance, home ownership offers several advantages over renting. It can be an investment, comes with significant tax advantages, offers fixed housing expenses, gives you control over your environment and provides several intrinsic benefits such as pride of ownership, security and independence. If you are interested in learning more please contact us.


Our Team




Ms. Erica is an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Author and Public Speaker, .Her career experiences, ideas, and techniques has allowed her to create a display of business, personal, and marketing services along with creative brand products.

Ms. Erica has over 20 years of professional experience that ranges from Banking, Real Estate, Non-Profit Management, Writer, to Event Specialist. She has taken her life experiences and turned them into books and training programs designed to advance the knowledge of women. 

Ms. Erica is dedicated to expanding her efforts by implementing additional avenues to reach a broad number of women around the world. With her continued dedication, enthusiasm, and perseverance, she will create a world of women entrepreneurs. 



Brittany Mona Respress, has been the executive sectary of Reflection Hour since 2012. She has contributed to providing photography, videography, and administrative responsibilities to the organization. Respress went to Riverside City college and she studied Film production. She graduated with an Associate Degree in Film studies her career goal is to own a production company and several other businesses. 



 Laquan Chappell is the program director of Reflection Hour which he is dedicated to educating and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. His goal is to help build up and revitalize his community by helping create jobs and create new businesses. Completing his undergrad at the University of Akron receiving a Bachelor of Science he has always been business savvy. He wants to continue to use his education to help others become financially independent and take control of their destiny.