Mobile Business Box


Mobile Business Box is designed to assist in the start up and filing process of a Corporation, LLC, or Non-Profit. Learn to do business anywhere and reach customers everywhere.

M.E. Consulting Services


M.E. Consulting Services provides high quality, professional business, personal, and marketing consultancy services. M.E. is designed to implement profitable business development solutions, personal services, and marketing strategies. 

M.E. Tax Services


  M.E. Tax Services provides a unique approach to our clients when it comes to being a trusted tax service provider. One-on-one and mobile tax consultation is available to assist our clients with the best recommendations and refund options available. Customer service and expedient quality service is our top priority. 

M.E. Marketing Services


Mobile Marketing Services are available to assist entrepreneurs with advanced technology tools needed to brand their business and reach their audience. Services include mobile website, app design and development, and videommercials.

M.E. Financial & Credit Services


M.E. Financial  and Credit Services are available to individuals who are in need of personal and business  loans and credit services. Qualifications are required for approval. 

Pink Transportation Services


Pink Transportation provides personal and family support transportation services for individuals and organizations. "Driving for You"